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Amoura (aa-moo-ra); an arabic word used to call a female beautiful. 

It's amazing where life takes you. I never thought I would be in the position of owning my own business nonetheless in a career that I am obsessed with either.


After graduating high school, I was pursuing a degree in Media Arts and Graphic Design at a private college on an academic full ride scholarship and playing lacrosse for the college. During winter term, I met my now-husband and my whole world changed. After spring term, I decided that college was not for me. I had no idea what I wanted to do at this point.

8 months into our relationship he proposed! I was only 19 but I was starting to see a beautiful future! By the end of fall, I enrolled in beauty school thinking I wanted to be a hair dresser (ha!) and do bridal makeup and hair! During my time in beauty school, I found my calling for all things esthetics. If you ask anyone that knew me in high school, they will tell you I have always been into all things makeup and beauty, so this all started to piece together! I graduated from beauty school, got licensed, got married, and began my life as an adult!

I have worked all sorts of jobs, from barber shops, to medspas, to airbrush tanning salons, to luxury day spas. I always ended up a manager and educator/trainer, but I knew that one day, I had to start my own journey. I began working freelance on the side of my day jobs. In 2016, our beautiful son was born. There has been no greater motivation in life than him. 2018 was the year I set myself a goal of being on my own in order to be able to set my own hours and be able to spend more time with my family. What I didn't realize what how much sooner things would begin to happen!


With the constant love, support, and trust I receive from my family, friends, and amazingly loyal clients my dream is becoming a reality. THANK YOU!

I began Amoura Esthetics with lash extenstions being my main focus, however, skincare has always been my number one passion.

My goal is to provide quality and luxury services at affordable prices. Why? Because we all deserve to be pampered and in doing so, it should not be a struggle. We all work hard every day and deserve a little "me-time." I can relate to this, and as a mom, I feel guilty doing things for myself. I hope that my goal can help others not feel this way.

I love my line of work. There is nothing more gratifying hat handing my client a mirror, and watching their face light up with a smile! Or helping someone achieve their skincare goal overtime

I do this work for you. I will always be motivated for you. I will always strive to give you all the best--this is my promise!

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