Designer Lashes - Tips

Are your custom lashes too long for your eyes? No problem! Here is how you can trim them: Figure out where you want them to end, and carefully trim off the excess. If you are unsure, it is better to cut in small amounts until you figure out that perfect length. If you happen to cut between the magnets, be sure to keep the magnet! You can remove it from the excess cut strip, and carefully super glue the magnet to the lash strip! (Tip: using tweezers makes the job easier!)


These are hand crafted fans. Just like regular extensions, they should never have mascara applied to them. Makeup and oil products will also compromise the fluff of the fan so be sure to use cation when applying skincare/makeup while having the lashes on! (It is fine to do so, just be careful!.)


I do recommend applying mascara BEFORE applying the magnetic lashes as they will help with the longevity of your daily wear.


ALWAYS be cautious when removing the strip after wear. Be sure to clean off the magnets with a wet Q-tip (either with water or alcohol) to help extend the life of your lashes and also make the application next time much easier as the hold will be stronger. 


Place you strip back into its case to ensure cleanliness and safety! 


Remove your eyeliner after removing the strip with makeup remover (I recommend micellar water from Garnier on a cotton round, and hold It against your eye for 30 seconds then gently removing your eye makeup/eyeliner.