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microneedling aftercare

Proper “pre” and “post” care is essential to achieving optimal results from your treatment. If there are any questions after reading the information provided below, please do not hesitate to ask!
Pre-Treatment Instructions:
  • Please discontinue products containing any exfoliating agents (retinoic acid, tretinoin, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic/salicylic acids, astringents, etc.) 48 hours before treatment.

  • If you have a history of herpes or cold sores, it is  highly recommend to take a course of anti-viral medication pre and post treatment. This will prevent an outbreak of cold sores if you are prone to them.  Cold sores can also break out on people who are not prone to them, but who have sensitive skin.

  • Allow at least (twelve) 12 hours after autoimmune therapies before having a medical microneedling treatment.

  • Wait six (6) months following isotretinoin (Accutane) use.

  • Wait at least forty-eight (48) hours before or after Botox treatment to have medical microneedling treatment.

  • Wait at least one (1) week before or after any fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, etc.

  • Wait at least one (1) month before or after laser treatments such as IPL, VBeam, etc. or chemical peels such as Vitalize, Rejuvenate, etc. or Microdermabrasion treatments.

Post-Treatment Instructions:
  • Immediately after your treatment, you may look as though you have a moderate to severe sunburn. Your skin may feel warm & tighter than usual or may be slightly swollen. All of this is normal & should subside after 1-2 hours & will normally diminish within the same day or 24 hours. You may see slight redness after 24 hours but only in minimal areas or spots.

  • Only use the Lift HG Serum & Lipid Serum for the next twenty-four(24) hours. Do not use any other skincare products or makeup (cleansers, moisturizers, or sunblocks).

  • After 24 hours from procedure you can also use a gentle cleanser and a zinc oxide sunblock as well as continue using the Lift HG Serum & Lipid Serum along with the Hyvia Cream for extra moisture.

  • Avoid exercise for three (3) days following the procedure (including procedure day). Bruising is rare however, do not plan an important event within 2 weeks of treatment.

  • Avoid unprotected sun exposure for 2 weeks after treatment. Use zinc oxide and hat/shade to protect treated areas.

  • Do not apply anything to the skin for 6-8 hours after treatment. This includes make-up, SPF or products of any kind.

  • Avoid clothing, headbands, hats or scarves on the treated area.  If clothing is to be worn over the treatment area, we recommend cotton clothing that hasn’t been treated with fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

  • Keep your hair off of your skin

  • Redness and/or swelling is common and will resolve within 1-2 days.

  • make sure you have changed your pillowcase before bed.


8 Hours After Treatment
  • Cleanse skin just lukewarm water then apply Lipid Serum & hyaluronic acid serum (lift HG). Do not apply anything else to the skin.​



​Days 1-3 Post Treatment
  • AM Routine- Cleanse skin with medical grade gentle cleanser or just water then apply then apply Lipid Serum & hyaluronic acid serum (lift HG), then follow with Hyvia cream and a mineral SPF.

  • PM Routine- Cleanse skin with medical grade cleanser or just water then apply then apply Lipid Serum & hyaluronic acid serum (lift HG), then follow with Hyvia cream.

  • You can apply the LIFT HG as often as you would like throughout the day. Be sure to always have clean hands!​

  • Bruising, pinpoint bleeding, minor scabbing, minor breakouts, swelling and/or redness may occur and will resolve within 7-10 days of treatment.·  

  • Do not pick, peel, rub, scrub or irritate your skin in any way while it is healing, as this may cause scarring.

  • Avoid heat, saunas, hot tubs and sweaty activity; this includes exercise of any kind for 3-7 days at best.

  • Do not use an electric or manual facial brush of any kind (i.e. Clarisonic or something of the like).

  • Mineral make-up may be worn, however, we recommend leaving skin clean for this time period if possible.


Days 7+
  • You may resume your regular skin care routine as long as peeling/flaking has subsided. If you are still peeling/flaking, be patient and allow your skin the time it needs to heal before starting back on your routine.

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