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Hydrinity Age Renewal Kit

Revive, Recharge & Revitalize

Achieve age-defying hydration to the power of infinity with this super rejuvenating dynamic duo. Just 2 simple steps!

HYACYN ACTIVE (90mL): Luxurious, lightweight, microbiome-friendly treatment spray that balances the skin's pH to maximize the effectiveness of serums, promote healing and boosts its overall appearance. Free of chemical irritants and safe for all skin types.

RENEWING HA SERUM (30mL): Powered by patented Supercharged Hyaluronic Acid, this ultra-hydrating serum is clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging by going deep into the dermal layer to stimulate collagen, keratinocyte, and elastin production, renewing and rejuvenating skin, boosting radiance and improving skin elasticity.

Hydrinity Age Renewal Kit

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